Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Barbelith Tidbits

Another from the Barbelith archive. Some Solaris the Tyrant Sun and Mogo the Planet Green Lantern slash fiction (yeah, I went there) that was tossed off in an afternoon, as it were.


The first rays of light announce his entry into the system as he breaks around the rim of Thanagar. I reposition continents of my forestry in anticipation, allowing those first gentle rays before the solar storms to send photosynthetic paroxysms shivering across my skin. My oceans swell and the plankton sing. Soon it will be hot. Hot enough to boil that song into a plate-shifting moan.

Solaris, tyrant of my core, merely fixes me with his cold, cruel eye.

He flares, and brings me to Perihelion"

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